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Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Richard Hendrickson writes-

Frankly, I really have to wonder why you guys get all nostalgic
ancient kits that are quite crude by comparison with what's readily
> available now
As always, Richard is certainly correct that the current plastic and resin offerings (not to mention some brass as well) can result in models superior in their replication of the real thing as compared to offerings of the past.

However, for some, at times, the journey is infinitely more important than the result, and the personal challenge and satisfaction of constructing an intricately-built model of basic raw materials may well trump the challenges of assembling kits of parts pre-made by others- no matter how good.

I greatly admire my fine resin models (and respect profoundly the time that I and others have put into them). However, on a different level, I can also personally admire far more extremely finely built and finished wood, or wood and paper models, if only because I know how much fundamental craftsmanship, skill, patience and care had to be dedicated by the builder (often unknown) to bring it to a high level of accuracy.

With current kits, we benefit from the masters and patterns created by other craftsman. With the older kits, we neglect to acknowledge that each modeler to a great extent has had to create one's own patterns or "master".

Fortunately, the very definition of a "hobby" requires that in any instance, the only person required to be satisfied is the modeler.


Denny S. Anspach, MD

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