1932 boxcars and plastic models

Brian Carlson

Color me slightly confused on this topic. Looking over Sunshine's
list (thanks Ben) and F&C's offering we have several 1932 boxcars,
and the newer F&C's are one piece bodies, and if you catch them at a
show, darn cheap also. Now pretty much everyone on this list is an
accomplished resin modeler (not me yet, just painted my first,
Westerfield G22) so I don't quite understand the desire for plastic
models of the same cars.

I have 2 of the F&C cars stashed for future projects, but I don't
forsee needing more than 4-5 of these cars with a 400-500 car roster
(for a 1957 layout). Are there major problems with the resin cars I
should know about before building them?

Frankly, I'd much prefer the NYC USRA boxcar in plastic, with the
different end combo's. There were almost as many of these as X29's
and quite a varity or P&L schemes, especially in the early days.
(Note I have 4 of Westerfields to build, but could use 4-5 more)

Brian Carlson

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