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On Dec 16, 2004, at 6:24 AM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

Silly me. I thought Sunshine had done those too! :o)
To clarify the models in the article:

>>  Anyone have a hi-res image of this Trix model? Having seen all
>>  of the other Trix models, I was a bit skeptical. But before I go
>>  for one on Ebay I'd really like to see for myself.
>Okay, I am outing myself here, but I don't plan to use the car for a
>A-50-16.  I already have a Sunshine kit for that.  What I am using
>well, actually them for, is to kitbash into IC and NS auto cars.
IC cars blt. 1937, kitbash from Trix
NS cars built 1937, kitbash from Trix

>two kitbashes will be among the models in my article on AAR-derived
>steel auto cars in the upcoming Prototype Model Railroading
>plug -
The other models
>covered in the article will be SP A-50-13, IC postwar, SSW postwar,
>M-59, MKT postwar, ATSF Fe-26
all Sunshine

SAL AF-3 and Soo pre-war cars.
Red Caboose, although the doors will be "doorbashes" as the doors on
the SAL car aren't wide enough in the kit and the ones in the Soo kit
are also not wide enough plus they have the wrong hardware. Writing
the 1932 ARA book has made me appreciate the subtleties of the various
flavors of Camel Roller Lift hardware. Believe it or not, the best
source of this type of hardware is on the Bowser PRR X31 kits!

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