Re: 1932 ARA Boxcars: An Anti-Contrarian View

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Well said.

Paul C. Koehler

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Ted's new book on this cars is terrific; I just got mine today. However,
one pernicious side effect of its appearance is that it's prompted an
outbreak of nonsense on the list about the feasibility of modeling these
cars in styrene.

There are some minor errors and omissions in Tim O'Connor's summary of data
about these cars, but the essential information is there and leaves no doubt
that a mfr. of injection molded freight car kits would be a certifiable
candidate for the looney bin to get anywhere near such a project. Bill
Schneider has already demonstrated his sanity in this regard in a post to
this list, and his views are shared by several other mfrs.
with whom I've discussed the idea in some detail. After all, it's not as
thought modeling the 1932 ARA cars in plastic is a novel concept; some
people were seriously contemplating it (and wisely deciding against it) at
least as early as the closing years of the last century.

We're not just talking an alternative end or two, and maybe a different
roof; we're talking a mind-boggling array different combinations of ends,
roofs, underframes, doors, and other details that would require investing a
small fortune in tooling in order to produce accurate models of even a few
of the prototype cars from the more popular owneers like the MoPac and SAL
(and even those RRs have a relatively modest following among steam-era
modelers). Beyond that you get to the Maine Central, the Norfolk Southern,
the Clinchfield and (be still, my heart) the Warrior River Terminal. Hello?

Tim's right that resin is the way to go in modeling such a mixed bag as
this, and Martin Lofton has already largely done it. Wishful thinking - and
that's really all it amounts to - will not make the 1932 ARA box cars
magically appear, corectly modeled, painted, and lettered, in RTR styrene.
Give it a rest. Go build some kits. In fact, here's a hot idea. Go build
one of Martin's kits for a 1932 ARA box car.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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