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On Dec 16, 2004, at 9:53 AM, Beckert, Shawn wrote:

Ted Culotta wrote:

> These two kitbashes will be among the models in my
> article on AAR-derived 40' steel auto cars in the
> upcoming Prototype Model Railroading (shameless plug
> -


I'm not clear on something here; is this going to be an
online "zine" like TKM or a real live magazine we can
subscribe to? If the latter, where do I sign up?
Shawn (and others):

Think neither. The best parallel I can conjure is the modeling parallel to RP Cyc. There will be prototype photo coverage, but modeling is the end goal. Much like RP Cyc follows the converse of a great deal of prototype info with a smattering of modeling here and there. It will not be published on any set schedule, but I am toying with the idea of offering something like a three volume package or something similar after that was suggested by someone off line as a means to lower my overall costs and save buyers a couple bucks per volume in the process. I will see if it is feasible, given the inherent issues with taking money when people may not see the final fruits of that money for up to 12 months. Regardless of how it is sold, I will make an announcement when publication is imminent. The first volume won't be ready until the February timeframe.

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