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I'm in the process of ordering three of these puppies and a number
other forty foot gondolas.<snip>
The data and photos that came with the order
form has me a little confused. It says the cars were painted black
but the photo, though B&W, seems to suggest otherwise.

What is the correct scheme fo the early 1950's? OK, so lettering
and color changed depending on the time period but what's correct
my time period?


Wabash steel gons were painted black including trucks. White paint
or stencil paste was used for the lettering. The lettering size
never changed on the 40' gons. Earlier Wabash composite gons were
painted freight car red and this color was also used on the 11300-
11999 series 52'-6" Bethlehem gons purchased from the CNJ in 1962.
Several other 52'-6" gons were repainted FCR during the 1963-64

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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