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Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

On Dec 17, 2004, at 8:07 AM, Scott Seders wrote:

Following is a link to my personal web page.

I have uploaded an enlarged portion of a photo taken in August, 1956
of an
empty hopper train departing Grafton, WV on the B&O. Unfortunately,
original photo is not very sharp. At the front of the train is a
tank car.
All that is visible is the shape and color of the lettering and logo.

I am cerebrally challenged when it comes to tank cars. Can anyone
tell me
who this car belongs to? Any info would be of great help.
Ted Culotta replied:


It looks to me like a Dow ICC 104 insulated car, but that's a guess
based upon the shape of the emblem.
In the April 1955 ORER, the only Dow cars listed were from their Texas Division (128 cars - all ICC-103's having five or six digit numbers) and 3 cars from their Canadian Division based in Vancouver BC.

Another guess based upon the shape of the emblem would be the Diamond Alkali Company but most of these 237 cars were intended for chlorine, vinyl chloride or methyl chloride - ICC types 105 & 106. I believe that tank cars carrying chlorine did not have expansion domes so that should shoot down Diamond as the owner as a possibility.

It is possible, however, that either Dow or Diamond leased long term this car from one of the private tank car leasing companies such as GATX, SHPX, or, maybe UTLX - UTLX had just got into the chemical car leasing business in 1952-53.

Can anybody recall a company with a diamond logo which would be used on tank cars?

Tim Gilbert

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