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Hi Guys

I have been wondering about this for a while. I have seen a cutaway
of an
average wood reefer. I am wondering why the large ice blocks don't
straight through the floor when dropped from icing platform to
charging the
icing bunker?

Thank You,
Bill Lane
You are correct, of course. 300 lbs. falling 7 or 8 feet could do
some damage.

This matter is one of the things I covered in my Ice-bunker, Private-
owner Reefer book for Morning Sun (excuse the shameless plug,
please). The cakes, usually about 300 lbs., were broken into smaller
pieces by skillfull workmen who could break up a block as it was
sliding towards and into the hatch.

Lots of ice that went into ice bunkers was crushed or broken
mechanically in later years.
Gene Green

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