S Modelers

Ted Larson

How many S scalers do we have now? I know of Jeff English and Earl
Tuson, and it seems to me there's at least one other.
I'm not sure there are many more S scalers than that in the whole world
(excluding tinplaters, of course). And how can anyone "like" X29s?<<<

I have seen Ken Zieska's name on a note (either on this list or on "the
other" freight list), Larry Jackman, me. Ken and I share the Minnesota
Heartland RR in addition to our prototype interests.
See www.trainweb.org/mhrr

re: X29's; they are almost of holy grail status to us S modelers since
many of us grew up on American Flyer trains, and X29 late version
appears to be the prototype for the AF boxcar. I suspect there are a
few of them on S layouts serving as stand-ins for X29 "clones".

Ted Larson

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