Re: 1942-42 color Yard photos (Jack Delano)

Richard Hendrickson

My information on the cars is that after the take-over of URT by GAT, cars
when repainted were done in GAT colors, orange sides and black roof and
ends. Certainly the MILW leased cars in the 1940s were those colors. - Al
Al, that's interesting, and makes sense, and seems to be validated by the
Delano photos. However, I have one color shot of a URTX Milw. wood reefer
(with wood roof) dated 1946 with postwar lettering in which the roof and
ends are unmistakably mineral red. I wonder if the change coincided with
the adoption of the new, simpler sans-serif lettering scheme?

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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