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Somehow my message did not differentiate between original message and my reply; giving it another try:

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>Ted Culotta wrote:
>>> HO Allied Full Cushion and Commonwealth Trucks
>> Finally! Well, finally in March, but at least they are getting ready
>> to sell them individually.

Tony Thompson responds:

> These look like nice trucks, and the Commonwealth in particular
>will be nice, compared to the old "shorty" Athearn express truck, about
>5.5 foot wheelbase, which I believe was at best unusual.

To which I replied:

So are the new ones, to some extent. I have a few of the Athearn express box cars, and while the truck looks like a variant of a GSC BX double-drop equalizer truck, there's something odd about it. Compare to photos at the bottom of page 8 in RPC Volume 6, which illustrate GSC BX with and without Houdaille snubber; the two left photos show truck sideframes for single-shoe brakes, and the right photo shows a sideframe designed to support clasp brakes.

Athearn's offering appears to be a clasp brake model w/o snubber, but it has both coil and leaf springs, which none of the prototype photos I've found so far show. The Walthers express truck, designated as GSC BX, includes the Houdaille snubber with the extended sideframe for clasp brakes. I have modified several sets already to the single-shoe sideframe, and "daylighted" the sideframes around the coil springs and bolster behind the snubber to match prototype appearance.
Richard added:

I have pre-production samples of the Allied FC trucks and they are, indeed,
very well done - certainly better than any of the alternatives previously
available for modeling these very distinctive trucks.

And I asked:

Richard, have you examined the PSC Allied FC truck? They lack some of the detail of the Athearn (the lettering on the Athearn sideframe is great!), showing both a much older PSC die and the difficulty and difference between casting in Delrin and casting in brass. Modified to accept I/M wheelsets, they meet the three-foot rule, and were the only game in town until Athearn brought these out. You will be able to buy two or two and a half sets of Athearn FC for what one set of PSC costs, which will settle the issue.
Ron Boham
Ralston, NE

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