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Paul Lyons wrote:
I was up at the Whistle Stop in Pasadena yesterday and grabbed one of
Intermountain's latest RTR releases, a PFE R-30-18 with post 1952 paint. Preoccupied
with other things I did not look the model over carefully till I got home.
With a close review I knew something was visually wrong, but wasn't sure exactly
what. A quick review of Tony's PFE book and a double check(no offense Tony)
of Dick Smith's PFE painting article in an early "Streamliner" confirmed the UP
hearld should be black and white, not red, white, and blue as done on the
model. Am I missing something here or.....Marty say it isn't so!
The B&W medallion for UP was introduced in June, 1950, so if it's a post-1952 paint job it sure should be B&W.
I would urge caution, BTW, with Dick Smith's article, as it contains a number of assumptions on Dick's part which are stated by him as facts. If you want to make use of it, please also consult the "corrective" I published in _The Streamliner_ in Volume 2, No. 2 (April 1986).

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