Re: New Decals from Speedwitch

Ted Culotta <tculotta@...>

On Dec 21, 2004, at 6:02 AM, Joe Binish wrote:

Nice looking decals.  Now to ask the obvious question, how long do you
suppose the aluminum monogram lasted?  If the white was introduced in
would the aluminum have been repainted by say, 50?

A learned Southern source has indicated that Southern box cars were
painted only when they received some type of major shopping such as
repairs. What that all means is probably open to interpretation.
However, given the size of the deliveries in 1941 (1500 cars) I would
be surprised if there were not members of this group still in their
original livery in 1950. Not as a rule, of course, but a not
insignificant number, too. These 1500 cars all had round cornered
ends, like the model that is shown with the decals on it.

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