Re: lost styrene & wax casting

Bill Daniels <billinsf@...>

Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 22:25:33 -0500
From: ljack70117@...
Subject: Re: lost styrene & wax casting
...If you need any thing more from me contact me

Thank you
Larry Jackman

Thanks Larry. I'm just passing on what Stan told me.
I'm sure you are correct about the degree of
shrinkage. It probably depends on the particular alloy
you are using. And if I were making patterns, I would
most surely consult with the caster about shrinkage.
My point in my post is the fact that most parts are in
fact second-generation, and you have to account for a
double case of shrinkage before you make the pattern.

Bill Daniels
Tucson, AZ

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