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Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Dean Payne wrote:
I am (finally!) getting around to lettering my Westerfield kit #4352,
the Erie Fowler box car. I am modeling the mid-30's . . .
The one thing that has me stumped is the info just to the left of the
door. I would expect a "New 10-17" to match the "BLT 10-17" date to
the RIGHT of the door . . .
Nope. The car would have been reweighed, every 36 months in the early part of its life, and upon the first of those reweighs, the station symbol for the location, and the date, of the reweigh would have replaced the "NEW" stencil.

While I'm on the subject, when did the various dimensional data
styles come into effect? The one I am using came into effect in 1927
or so, with lines above and below the roadname/road number, and there
were some other changes that I can't think of just now. When was the
next change (was that when the lines were removed?)
The ARA made a RECOMMENDATION about 1920 or so to use the stripes, but railroads adopted it when it pleased them to do so, if they did so at all. I don't know about the Erie in this matter. In 1952, the AAR discontinued that recommendation, but that's long after your era. You need Erie-specific information here, or correctly dated photos.

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