Re: Speaking of Ribsides - Replacement Ladders


John Golden wrote: "Guys, Speaking of the Ribside
Models cars, has anyone found a suitable substitute
for the eight rung ladders? I bought some DA
eight-rung ladders and they're not tall enough."

The Good Dr. Hendrickson wrote: "John, I'm curious as
to why you want to replace the kit ladders; I thought
they were among the few detail parts in the kit that
were very well done."

To which I reply: Ugh--Sounds like I set myself up for
a pie in the face. I had an emergency apendectomy on
Monday night so maybe the all those drugs have
affected my judgment.

Richard, All, I like the cars but in my opinion the
ladders, roofwalks, and add-on other parts were poorly
represented. I do think the ladders were OK, but I
compared them straightaway with DA eight-rung ladders
and the difference in quality and cross-section was
noticeable enough for me to upgrade. I also used
cut-down 50' AMB wood running boards. The bolt pattern
matches almost exactly and the modeler gets the added
bonus of weathering down real wood, which adds a
great realism to a weathered steel roof.

Merry Christmas!

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL


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