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Thomas M. Olsen <tmolsen@...>

Jim and John,

On regard to the General American Wood Express Reefers: I have four on order from Martin now and do not expect to get them until early March. Back in September, when I ordered them, Tricia advised that they were just about out of the trucks for them and that they were also just about out of the kit assembly instructions. My order was based on not receiving the instruction sheets or documentation as I already had the material with the kits I already had. Also at that time, I ordered and received enough trucks to cover the cars that I had plus the remaining four on the list.

As all the kits of these series had the same instruction sheets, it was not necessary for me to have them included when the kits were made. I would say that the best thing to do is to drop a note to Tricia and see if the cars are still available. With Broadway planning to bring these cars out, Martin's market would disappear anyway.

The 1947 ACF welded REA reefers (Kits 27.11 through 27.14) which are also marked closeout may also be discontinued. This was because Martin had run out of the trucks used beneath these cars and also because of the imminent (now two years late) introduction of this car by Branchline. Tricia had remarked that they had sold a huge amount of both these kits and that orders had tapered off.

Again, a letter with a stamped-self-addressed envelope, may bring a reply in regard to the status of the cars. In regard to procrastination, I too have waited too long at times to order and have missed cars due to them being phased out due to low sales or competition from the competition.

Tom Olsen
7 Boundary Road, West Branch
Newark, Delaware, 19711-7479
(302) 738-4292

Jim and Lisa Hayes wrote:

I just checked the Winter 2004-5 kit list and 27.2 - 27.10 are not listed.
Since I don't have a direct pipeline into Sunshine, I'll reluctantly use
that absence as a signal to change them to Discontinued on my list.

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

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