Re: Trix/Marklin Chlorine tank cars

Richard Hendrickson

Ted Culotta writes:

First, I have not yet checked the tank dimensions yet, so this is
contingent upon those being workable. Second, for those of you who
have seen "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" this all brings to mind the
scene where Spiccoli (Sean Penn) totals Forrest Whittaker's car and
says "My dad's a TV repair man. He has the ultimate set of tools. I
can fix it." (the fact that Sean Penn and Forrest Whittaker were ever
in something like this proves that everyone has to start somewhere, but
that's a different topic.) Anyway, having completely stripped the car
so that all of the parts are separated, I think "I can fix it". There
are two main things to be done: file to inside of the ends of the tank
to create a much finer flange and then build up the circumference of
the tank ends to make up for this difference and to build an entirely
new frame. The small task is then to add entirely new details such as
brakes, hand holds, ladders, etc. However, I am up for the challenge!
I don't doubt that you're up to the challenge, Ted, but the question is -
is it worth all that effort? Especially to rework a model that costs
upwards of $30 to start with? I haven't given up on the possibility of
getting another mfr. to produce really good models of these cars; I don't
consider the M/T models to be competitive in the North American market in
any realistic sense, since they are not only grotesquely inaccurate and
badly executed but also absurdly overpriced.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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