Re: Dates K brakes and Andrews trucks banned from interchange

Guy Wilber

Hugo wrote:

I have some notes on various "events" which include:

1) 1926; Type AB brake sytems begin testing.

The ARA began the brake tests in 1925 at Purdue's Test Lab. The use of the
terminology "AB" was not used until the WESTINGHOUSE FC-3a design was fully
developed, tested and approved for application during 1932.

2) 1953; Type K brakes no longer allowed on cars in interchange (initially
1/1/45, but set back).

Specifically, July 1, 1953, for all cars (in interchange) other than tank
cars which received a further extension to October 1, 1953. The AAR's July 1
date included an exemption through October 1, 1953, for all cars being returned
to the owner's rails. These cars were not to be loaded. The same type of
exemption was granted to tank cars through January 1, 1954.

3) 1930; Arch bar trucks banned for new cars.

There was no specific language banning arch bar trucks for new equipment when
ARA Interchange Rule 3 was modified in 1930: Rule 3, Section T, Paragraph 3;
Trucks, with arch bars, prohibited, effective January 1, 1936, under all
cars. From Owners.

4) 1941; Arch bar trucks banned for interchange (initially 1936, then 1939,
then 1941).

Arch Bars were banned (in interchange) on July 1, 1940. There was no further
extension granted past that date.


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