Re: Reweigh locations

Schuyler Larrabee

Chris Barkan, addressing Ben Hom, wrote:


I agree with you about what you say below, but at least on
the B&O it seems unusual, if not rare, to see a car stenciled
with a reweigh location other
than one of the major shops or class yards. Like the PRR,
the B&O also had a
very long list of station initials for this but I hardly ever
see a photo of a car with a reweigh location other than one
of the big places such as Brunswick, MD (BW), Washington, IN
(WA), Keyser, WV (KY) and a few others. I don't know how
representative the B&O's practices are but I suspect they are
fairly typical. Some of this is probably related to traffic
volume, busy places tended to do most of reweighing. Also,
the RR probably had designated places where it preferred to
reweigh cars. So the real question regarding Binghamton, NY
on the Erie is, was it one of those locations for the Erie,
irrespective of its lack of car repair activity there? If
Chuck Yungkurth is listening , I bet he knows.
Thanks, Chris. Undoubtedly, at some point in time, a car WAS reweighed at
Binghamton by the ERIE (as opposed to the D&H and/or the DL&W, the other roads
in town) BUT, with Susquehanna and it's major shops about 30 miles (I didn't
check that mileage, but it's close) to the (railroad) east, it simply the case
that 1) not much of that work was done at Binghamton, if any, and 2) in any
event BH was Brier Hill. I don't know what initials the ERIE would have used
for Binghamton. At one point there was a steam facility, with a turntable for
the ERIE in Binghamton, and later on there was a concrete engine house
(presently used by NYSW), but AFAIK, there was no scale there. And the fact
that the PRR put track scales in some pretty out of the way places means nothing
about what other railroad's practices might have been. I am also very
interested in what Chuck Yungkurth might have to say here, and I'll concede
greater knowledge on the part of Chuck any day.

So, Ben, I don't think I'm "perpetuat[ing] a common myth about reweigh stencils.

BTW, Edwin C. Kirstatter's post stating "If BH is the station letters for Brier
Hill on the ERIE you will not find it in Cleveland or around or about there. It
is a district of that "Little" steel mill town of Youngstown, Ohio which is a
good sixty miles east of Cleveland if you go by the I80/TP." is gratefully
accepted as correct.


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