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Andy Miller <asmiller@...>


Bending the shank does adjust the head height - together with the gladhand
height. I don't like propping cars up on washers if the body is already at
the right height. That's why I bend the shank to adjust the head height
without changing the body height. It's necessarily a subtle change. Too
much and the head will be at a noticeable angle. And I can use a 40
something instead.


Andy Miller

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Andy Miller wrote:
"I have found that the easiest solution to Kadees with low "gladhands" is to
bend the shank slightly up or down. Many people bend the gladhand itself
and Kadee even sells a tool for this, but I have found that if the gladhand
is low (or high) then the head probably is also; and bending the gladhand
will leave the head still in the wrong position."

Why not do the job right and correct the head height first, then adjust the
uncoupling pin as necessary? Bending the shank seems to invite more

Ben Hom

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