Re: Couplers and wheels (was: Top Ten)

Bill Darnaby

I should have mentioned in my first post that the outboard end of the
coupler mounting pads and even floor ends of resin kits tend to be thicker
than the rest of the casting. If this is not attended to the coupler box
will tilt down towards the track accentuating any height/glad hand problems.
Before installing the floor check for this condition by laying the floor on
a flat surface, bottom up, and placing a straight edge along the centerline
of the coupler pad. If the straight edge tilts up away from the flat
surface you need to file, sand or shave down the end of the coupler pad
until the straight edge is truely horizontal to the surface.

Bill Darnaby

I have been shimming the coupler boxes to correct drooping couplers. I
usually use .010 styrene sheet stock. I use the Kadee coupler gauge.

Doug Brown

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