Re: Couplers and wheels (was: Top Ten)

Schuyler Larrabee

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From: Andy Miller
You don't have to ream out journals to make the point-to-point
distance fit the wheel set.
Oh, but you do, Andy. The point (snicker) of reaming the journals is that the
cone of many trucks' journals isn't the optimum angle, and some molded trucks
even have flash and dots of plastic crud (technical term) in the conical bearing
hole. If you ream them out, you get the right conical angle and also a good
clean bearing surface.

If you used the reaming tool, you won't increase the length of the axle
required. The reamer only cleans up the hole, it doesn't drill it deeper.

And since John Burroughs is in our model railroad club and you see him almost
weekly, finding a dealer with stock doesn't seem like much of an issue if you
want to use Reboxx wheels . . . just ask him for them.


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