Re: Couplers and wheels (was: Top Ten)

Schuyler Larrabee

Gene Green asks:

Besides Micro-Mark, who offers such reamers?
Reboxx, maybe others.

Are all makes the same
cone angle?
Yes, afaik.

Is one to be preferred over another for some reason?

Probably not from a technical point of view, though Reboxx can use the business.

Has anyone tried the reamer on trucks made of any material other than
some sort of plastic?
Yep. Metal trucks

With success?

Um . . . ,yeah . . .I think.

Can really 'klunky' trucks be
improved to a sufficient degree?
Oh, yes, definitely.

Thanks in advance for any answers.

Sure. I also use the Real Soft Pencil I mentioned about couplers here, spinning
the end of the pencil lead in the journal. I think it helps. To be specific, I
use an Eagle "Draughting" pencil.


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