Re: Axle length

Manfred Lorenz

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On Dec 30, 2004, at 6:38 AM, Andy Miller wrote:

If you go to the Reboxx site,

they have a table providing the before and after results on their
roll tester, of installing the optimal Reboxx wheels in almost
every commercial truck built. It is also the authority on which
axle length wheel set to use on each model of truck.
I caution that YMMV with regards to using the table as a bible when
it comes to ordering wheelsets in specific axle lengths. I have
found that through variance in both the axles and the trucks that a
total swing of 0.010" between axles on the same truck is not
Ahh, here is rears its ugly head again: the good old issue of the
correct axle length!

I can second the observations Ted has made. I found the Reboxx site
to be not very reliable. E.g. I found that the "Bettendorf" Accurail
trucks need a much longer than the stated axle length. While the
Accurail "Andrews" trucks were quite okay but not dead on. As Ted
mentions the Accurail trucks have a little variation within the same
truck. I found it to be 0.005". The variation between "Bettendorf"
and "Andrews" was 0.005". So I ended at a 1.020"/1.025" combination
for "Andrews" and 1.015"/1.020" for "Bettendorf" trucks that suited
my standards for axle slop.

As I learned from the source these variations are a result of the
truck center hole mainly not cooling at the same moment. This makes
for a minute distortion that shows at the farthest point, the axle


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