Re: Interesting CRI&P Gondola

Scott Pitzer

I bought an assembled war emergency gon some years ago, and it had solid sides-- the framing and boards were all cast in a unit. So I guess you have to make sure which version of Ulrich is offered for sale.
Scott Pitzer

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Phil Buchwald writes:

Would be interesting to do one of these. It looks like the sides
would have to be scratch built... the alternative would be to sand
the back sides of a Tichy or resin flat kit to thin out the inside
walls, like what has to be done with some resin stock cars. Yup,
scratch sounds a little easier!
Phil, if you can find one of the old Ulrich kits for the war emergency mill
gondolas on the second hand market, they had cast metal side framing with
wood inserts for the sheathing, and you could model one of the RI cars by
using the side framing castings and replacing the wood with corrugated
steel panels.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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