Re: P2K tank cars versus GATX tank cars

Richard Hendrickson

From Gene Green:

Did GATX actually have tank cars built by ACF, its predecessors or
Yes. For obvious reasons, GATC never bought new cars from AC&F, but
General American greatly expanded its tank car fleet in the late '20s and
'30s buy purchasing cars from private owners and many AC&F cars were among
them. The L-L models lettered for GATX have correct car numbers, based on
photographic evidence.

What available model could be used to replicate these GATX tank cars?
GATX 50040-54999 TM 10,000 gal.
GATX 55000-59599 TM 8,000 gal.
As usual with GATX entries in the ORERs, these number series contained a
wide variety of cars with little in common except their nominal weight and
gallonage capacity. I have numerous photos of cars in these series and
they included, in addition to cars built by GATC, a lot of Pennsylvania
Tank Car Co. cars of various sizes as well as many AC&F cars. FWIW, GATX
51473, 51773, and 51777 were AC&F 8K gal. Type 21s and GATX 57206 and 58769
were 10K gal. Type 21s.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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