Re: Stock cars, etc.

Richard Hendrickson

I noticed in the 4th quarter "Warbonnet" announcements section the IM
Sk-T stock cars kits are expected to be available. I'm guessing production
is way behind however it appears that kits will be offered _sometime_!
Also noted is an Athearn Ft-M flat car with early trailers. Does anyone
know if these are new cars or just repaint schemes on old cars?
Same antique Athearn flat cars, though with improved paint/lettering.

As for the IM stock cars, I can't tell you exactly when the kits will be
available, but I've just finished building two models from pre-production
parts and I'm currently working on an illustrated kit review for the
Warbonnet. The kits are among the best ever done in HO scale. They take
time to assemble, as there are lots of detail parts (including
free-standing wire grabs, etc.) but the holes for the wire parts are cored
and everything fits together very well. All parts are included to model
any of the five classes of Pennsyvania Car Co. stock cars - both KC and AB
air brakes, vertical staff and Ajax hand brakes, letterboards for all
periods in the history of the cars, two styles of end doors, etc. etc. The
sides for the double deck Sk-Q and Sk-S class cars are still in the process
of being tooled, but the decks, doors, and hoisting mechanisms for these
cars are included on the parts sprues. We owe a lot to list member Marty
McGuirk for thorough research on the prototypes and thoughtful design and
engineering on the models. Anyone who doesn't like these kits should be
advised to take up some other hobby like quilting or bottle cap collecting.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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