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Phil Clark

Hello, I need your advice, I am drawn into an unravelling what resources are accessible from UK. My NMRA BR colleague is planning a club layout based on the Finger Lakes region of NY in the 1950s. He has a Westerfield CD of 1955. Around Geneva Seneca area. Using PRR, LV and NYC.
I googled on 'geneva ny', but there must be a better way: - has 1000s of members and an email. - has numerous scenes. - postcard scenes. - LV RR Station Geneva, NY c.1920. - NYC station, c 1910. - numerous links

Would industries serviced, say, by the NYC be found in an employee timnetble? - or is there a better place to look?
Is there an online archive of something like yellow pages? I couldn't see a photo archive at Hobart University.
Is there a certain industry of that area that is typical? I keep thinking there might be a typical chemical car used at International Paper? Like the woodracks in the southeast.

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