Re: M&StL 1937 AAR Boxcar Running Boards

Benjamin Hom <b.hom@...>

Schuyler Larrabee asked:
"OK, I'm enjoying the first day of 2005 assembling one of the new IM 1937
AAR 40'
box cars, Green scheme . . .

Nice kit, nicely decorated. I have a question: It's supplied with a "wood"
roof walk. Correct? <<snip>> The kit depicts 53070 (and the other one is

No. It should have an Apex Tri-Lock running board. See Ed Hawkins' summary
on Ted's website:

"Is there a Plano product I should be acquiring?"

Plano #191:

Additionally, Kadee sells their PS-1 running boards separately:

Ben Hom

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