Re: Finger Lakes


Not your time frame, but I bet not too may things changed until 1945:

From 1921 NYC shippers guide:

To quote from the guide:
Geneva is a manufacturing center of considerable importance, there being
produced in this city many high grade commodities of national reputation. Among
these are razors, and other cutlery; stoves, ranges and furnaces; spectacles,
eye glasses and optical instruments of all kinds; preserved fruits and
vegetables; cereal foods; razor strops; marine engines for high-speed motor boats
(1921!); radiators, carriages, wagons and commercial automobile bodies;tin
cans; printing type; foundry and boiler shops; brooms and paper.
Geneva is an important center of the nursery business, stock being produced
in great quantities. The surrounding country is agriculturally one of the
richest and most productive sectinos of the United States.

Seneca Falls, NY
Seneca Falls is home of many manufacturers of world-wide reputation. The
largest makers of pumps in the United States are located here. Other products
which have made the town known are woolen yarns, metallic letters, fibre boxes,
wooden toys, and novelties.

Auburn, NY:
- farm machinery and implements, no more specific.

Today this area is served by the Fingerlakes Railroad. A shippers list is


Some large businesses are very recent, such as the Guardian Floatglass plant
in Geneva. But it gives you a general idea of what is shipped in this area.


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