Re: M&StL 1937 AAR Boxcar Running Boards

Gene Green <lgreen@...>

May I direct your attention to box car table.jpg, subtitled M&StL '37
AAR box car paint in the files section of this list which states that
300 cars in the 53000 series had Apex running boards and brake steps
while 200 had USG running boards and brake steps. So far I have
found no way to tell which cars had which so take your choice.

To the best of my knowledge MPLS was not use as a station symbol on
the M&StL after 1945. The cars were repainted in Marshalltown so the
reweigh symbol should be MN, not "MPLS 2-54." If the car was
repainted in Minneapolis the symbol would have been CL for Cedar Lake.

Cars from the 53000 series were repainted from box car red to all
green after the arrival of the 4000 series cars in 1952 and before
the adoption of the bright red 'Mikan' scheme in 1956.

I hate to say it but the better model for the repainted 53000 series
box cars was the version done by Red Caboose and sold by the CNWHS
because it came with the correct Apex running board and correct
Superior 566 hand brake. Reweight station symbols were correct also.

Some cars are still available from the CNWHS. I don't know if the
society still has Superior 566 hand brakes for sale or if you can get
them from Red Caboose.
Gene Green

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Schuyler Larrabee asked:
"OK, I'm enjoying the first day of 2005 assembling one of the new
IM 1937
AAR 40'
box cars, Green scheme . . .

Nice kit, nicely decorated. I have a question: It's supplied with
a "wood"
roof walk. Correct? <<snip>> The kit depicts 53070 (and the other
one is

No. It should have an Apex Tri-Lock running board. See Ed
Hawkins' summary
on Ted's website:

"Is there a Plano product I should be acquiring?"

Plano #191:

Additionally, Kadee sells their PS-1 running boards separately:

Ben Hom

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