Prototype Rails - Help Needed

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Is there anyone who is attending Prototype Rails 2005 (in Cocoa
Beach) that can bring an LCD projector for us to use? [An LCD projector
is one that plugs into a computer and projects the display onto a movie
screen]. Prototype Rails is an NMRA-sanctioned event, and as such, is
fully insured against theft.

As more and more clinics are being done via computer, we find that
we need an additional projector this year.

Mike and I would be VERY appreciative if someone could help us
out. The alternative is to rent one for several hundred $$.

Please contact me directly if you can help.

Thanks very much!


-Jeff Aley
Prototype Rails 2005 Clinic Chairman.

Jeff Aley jaley@...
DPG Chipsets Product Engineering
Intel Corporation, Folsom, CA
(916) 356-3533

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