fire sale for Trix?


Maybe Trix will dump their recently released US prototype freight
cars at fire sale prices somewhere down the road.

Ertl did this and they had much nicer cars. Now I see P2K assembled
cars being sold at deep discount by my "local" hobby shop -
Trainland in Lynbrook.

I also see some Broadway Limited locos being sold at deep discount.
Maybe Trix will break up the freight car sets and sell them at a
more reasonable price too.

The new Trix NYC caboose got a terrible review in MR, and a bad
review isn't seen too often.

I don't know who is impressed by the oversized plastic grab irons
that this new caboose has. Thin ridges of plastic representing grab
irons (like the ones used on Bowser cars) look much better and can
be painted with the side of a paint brush. These plastic ridges are
easy enough for guys like us to carve off and replace with wire.

Let's hope P2K (and all the other manufacturers) continue to come
out with new steam era freight car models.


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