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I would also be interested in Hershey Reefers. I am new to this
group and
have been reading with great interest many of the discussions.

I model the railroad "Ma and Pa" and am interested in obtaining
during the steam era regarding them as well as any of their
predecessor lines
(before 1901).

Hershey foods is a bit out of their area--but still somewhat in
their general
vacinity. I did hear once that Broguerville, PA was home to
Reeses before
Hershey had purchased it. The website that contained this
information is no
longer working. Does anybody know of where I can verify this

A history of Reeses is available at the following web site:

Mr. Westerfield--do you plan on producing the Ma and Pa cars that
produced a number of years ago again?

I am learning so much from all of you.

Robert R (Rocky) Jackson

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