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Richard Hendrickson

I would also be interested in Hershey Reefers. I am new to this group and
have been reading with great interest many of the discussions.

I model the railroad "Ma and Pa" and am interested in obtaining information
during the steam era regarding them as well as any of their predecessor lines
(before 1901).

Hershey foods is a bit out of their area--but still somewhat in their general
vacinity. I did hear once that Broguerville, PA was home to Reeses before
Hershey had purchased it. The website that contained this information is no
longer working. Does anybody know of where I can verify this claim?
Rocky, I have photos of Hershey reefers from several different periods in
their history; what era do you model? Perhaps I should add that the
Hershey cars actually weren't reefers but insulated box cars without ice
bunkers, though they were modified versions of standard NADX reefers built
for North American Car Copr. by the Hegewisch, IL plant of the Pressed
Steel Car Co. The Hershey cars were generally operated by North American on
assigned routes, so they didn't turn up randomly on other lines. For
example, one of those routes was Hershey, PA to Oakdale, CA on the Santa
Fe, where Hershey had a plant that processed bulk chocolate into packaged
products for distribution on the west coast. No doubt Hershey had similar
satellite plants in other parts of the country. Whether and when the
Hershey cars ever traveled to the former Reese plant in Pennsylvania I
don't know.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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