Re: Freight Tariffs


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No question that the freight traiffs will be preserved in Colo RR Museum.
Question is how many more should we accumulate when already pressed for
storage space.

My only point is that we almost never have requests for them.

Chuck Y
Boulder CO

I think they are actually fun to read... Well, you don't want to read them
as a standard reference book or you'd go nuts! Same with station listings or
shippers guides.

I never knew what people are actually shipping! For folks that really want
to have traffic, they are neat!
Sounds like I'm the only idiot who actually paid money to get two...

Several years ago only a few people knew what ORERs are about. Now you buy
them on CDs. Sanborn maps... how many folks used them for railroad research 10
years ago? Car Builders Cyclopedias. Even 10 years ago I purchased several
for under significantly $100. Watch the prices go for them on Ebay...

The tariffs are not nearly as informative as the stuff listed above, but
it's part of the whole picture...


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