IC Hopper

Michael Aufderheide

Looking through some books recently, a few interesting
IC hoppers have stuck out. They have ribbed sides with
a short flat panel above. On one car the upper panel
looked to have stampings at a regular interval. They
look very similar to the rebuilt PRR H22a coke cars (a
la Bowser), that is low hoppers with an extended side.
In an IC book I was looking at they were very
prevailant. The two numbers I was able to see are
77036 and 75373. The hopper bottoms are in shadow in
all cases so I don't know how many bays they are.
Even with the sides extended their height is about a
foot lower than the typical offset-side IC twin
hoppers. Does anyone know about these cars and how to
model them?


Mike Aufderheide

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