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Schuyler Larrabee

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Here's what I know about the new Intermountain M&StL box
car kits. Marty at IM my not totally agree, but this is my
story and I'm sticking to it.
Marty asked me for numbers for the upcoming models. I
suggested the 54000 series (w/Superior doors) for the bcr
model. The 53000 series cars in bcr had been done by RC a few
years ago. I gave him a group of numbers from the Landmesser
list, from which he picked two.
I didn't want anything to do with the green cars because
the CNWHS had just done a fine model thanks to Gene Green.
Marty said the ends and roof were already painted black.
Because he mistakenly thought his model was the same as the
4000 series box cars. I finally gave him number 53402 because
I have a poor quality image of that car. The car ends are
definitely black, I can't tell if the roof is or not. 53070
is a number of a car Gene once told me he had a color slide
of. I have no idea if there's any black on that car or not. I
do have a slide of a 1000 series aluminum car repainted green
after wreck repairs. That car does have black ends and roof.
Hope this helps,
OK, so, Clark, you're saying here that the green cars are maybe right, could be,
might be and you're certain about that? Is that right? Or are you not quite



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