Re: IM M&StL box cars

rockroll50401 <cepropst@...>

OK, so, Clark, you're saying here that the green cars are maybe
right, could be,
might be and you're certain about that? Is that right? Or are you
not quite
Like I said, I tried to stay out of the repainted green car business.
I only have one, not so good image 53402, I just looked at it again
and zoned in as close as I could. It has black ends, the roof looks
green. You need to paint the metal running board, might as well paint
the roof green while you're at it!
Clark 'too little info' Propst
PS BLT has a green car numbered in the 53000s also, but they used the
blt date ?44, instead of a repaint date ?52. They also have a "Fire
engine red" car with one white stripe to the right of the door. First
time this has been done.

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