ACF Ctr Flo


My digging into the ACF Ctr Flo 2790 pressurized cars continues. Been in
contact with Jim Eager and also John Tudek (ex DRGW carman who volunteers at the
Co RR Museum) and we still are delving into the mystery of cars 15993-15999.

I have DRGW folio sheet for these cars but that is all the data we can find,
aside from a few phtos. (Interestingly, there are no folio sheets for any of
the other DRGW
2 bay ACF ctr flow cars). Tudek has a lot of DRGW general arrangment
drawings and we have some at the Museum, but nothing for these. Did get a set of ACF
drawings from CNW society but not the pressurized version.

What I am looking for is views of the pressurized cars that show the piping
and fittings added for the pressure connections. Possibly you may have some
slides or shots of the Corning cars that might show such detail. I have a fair
number of views from which I can surmise the arrangment of these fittings but
want to be sure. So any help would be appreciated.

On the previous discussion of hides and tanneries, I am positive that all the
hides for the EJ and other tanneries were coming from the midwest and west.
The cars I remember were primarily NP and CNW. I recall a small Swift plant at
Halstead on the DL&W. In 1953-4 they were still receiving stock cars...but
shipping out by truck.
A recent book I was reading on the meat packing industry confirmed my
observations that byWW2 the only slaughter hosues in the east were small ones
disposed of "retired" dairy cattle and provided kosher products. Know this was true
in my home town of Scranton.

For what it is worth, the lst car of loaded stock I saw in Binghamton was an
NKP car that was right behind a brand new EL SD45, one of the first the EL

All the best,

Chuck Y

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