F&C Pennsy GR gon sits too low? Or couplers?

Dean Payne <deanpayne@...>

I just finished my F&C GR gon, and the couplers sit lowest I have
ever seen. I used archbars to represent my early time period (pre-
WWII), and Walthers archbars at that. The couplers are McHenry
scale couplers in Kadee boxes (I had a few left over...) Is this a
matter of shimming the bolsters, or using different (offset head)
couplers? I might do both... unless you think those trucks sit
especially low... I don't want the car too sit too high above the
wheels, unless that's the way it should be.
This was a poor choice for a first resin kit, I have finished a few
other resin kits since then, including F&C! Their instructions have
improved since this kit, to be fair.
Dean Payne

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