Re: F&C Pennsy GR gon sits too low? Or couplers?

David J. Starr <dstarrboston@...>

Dean Payne wrote:
I just finished my F&C GR gon, and the couplers sit lowest I have ever seen. I used archbars to represent my early time period (pre-
WWII), and Walthers archbars at that. The couplers are McHenry scale couplers in Kadee boxes (I had a few left over...) Is this a matter of shimming the bolsters, or using different (offset head) couplers? I might do both... unless you think those trucks sit especially low... I don't want the car too sit too high above the wheels, unless that's the way it should be. This was a poor choice for a first resin kit, I have finished a few other resin kits since then, including F&C! Their instructions have improved since this kit, to be fair. Dean Payne
Low flying couplers are common enough. The right way to fix them is first to determine to proper height of the car itself. From protoype plans or photos find the distance from the sill to the rail heads. If the model is low, check the wheelsize and if that is OK, shim the body up to the proper height. Then check coupler height and use an offset coupler head if necessary.
That said, I don't usually go to that much trouble. The legacy Athearn cars all have low couplers and I routinely put a couple of #6 flat washers under the trucks to get a #5 (no offset) Kadee to ride at the proper height.

David Starr

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