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Hi All,

I have been asked to repost this to more of my train lists. It originally
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So here goes:

Hi All,

Russ Clover wants to sell out NOW. I talked to him when I placed a large
"get it while I can" order a few months ago. His health is declining. They
are the only company the makes PRSL stuff in S Scale.

It is a wonderful company, but I think it will be a tough sell to a new
owner since the majority of the dry transfer sets are for the 1900s era.

If you have wanted to order from them I would not wait much longer. I am not
saying they are going out of business any time soon, but reread the first
line. If the company does get sold the set prices will most likely go up as
well. There is no on line or even phone orders. All
orders are placed through the mail on their order form only. They ship
quickly though. Their catalog is a reference in itself.

Thank You,
Bill Lane

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