Re: Photos picked up today

Brian Carlson

Bob, I'd be inserested in seeing the B&LE car, once you take away their hoppers and gons their freight car fleet wasn't that big, so I am interested to see what made it to oakland.

Brian J Carlson

Bob Webber <rswebber@...> wrote:
Since I couldn't make it to CB, I made it to the local train show and
picked up some photos taken in 1959. What is amazing is that there was
someone who was taking photos of freight equipment in West Oakland in 1959
- beyond the unusual (or at least, beyond the diesels, steam, Key system,
passenger stuff, etc. etc.). So I picked up some 70 photos of freight cars
(and other things) all dating to 1959 most taken in West Oakland in
1959. They all aren't great photos, but the subjects make up for it.

I posted two today, the New Haven and the Southern cars. In addition,
there are cars from the Ann Arbor,SP, TNO, SP, WP, Milw (Rib side),N&W,
SP&S, Swift, MobilGas, A&EC,S&A, ATSF,BCK,CNW,CofG,Erie, Wilson,
D&H,GN,D&M, B&LE, D&SL, DT&I , M&W, L&N - a nice variety. I'll be posting
more if there is interest as I get time to scan them. Most are boxes, some
reefers, a couple tanks.

The guy had a light leak in the shutter, but most of the photos still
turned out ok. The other photos (not of freight cars) were of WP diesels,
WP MOW, SP cabooses, SP MOW and the like. Tony, if you're interested in
the caboose photos, let me know off list, and I'll send scans to you.

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