PRR ??3353

Rob Kirkham <rdkirkham@...>

I am attempting to identify another freight car that showed up in the CPR waterfront yard in Vancouver, this one Aug 1, 1947. I'm not able to make out the first two digits in the car number on this steel single door box car. The flat riveted ends make me think its an X29 of some sort - though I've reasons to wonder if something different. Why? Some observations: there is what appears to be a new panel left of the door - makes me wonder about a double door car converted to single door. Also, there appears to be some writing that went across two or three panels that has been painted over - its located above the car number. Do these signify some sort of change?

A scan can be found in the STMFPC list files section by the name Pennsy, at

Help with identifying the car, online photo links and modelling clues would be appreciated.

Rob Kirkham

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