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Rob Kirkham asked:
"I am attempting to identify another freight car that showed up in
the CPR waterfront yard in Vancouver, this one Aug 1, 1947. I'm
not able to make out the first two digits in the car number on this
steel single door box car. The flat riveted ends make me think its
an X29 of some sort - though I've reasons to wonder if something
different. Why? Some observations: there is what appears to be a
new panel left of the door - makes me wonder about a double door car
converted to single door. Also, there appears to be some writing
that went across two or three panels that has been painted over -
its located above the car number. Do these signify some sort of

Brian Carlson answered:
"Rob, it looks like and X28a to me, car number appears to be 123353
which matches a number assigned to a X28a. X28a's were rebuilt from
1-1/2 door X28 cars. The X28 was slightly taller than the X29 built
originally for automobile trade."

Brian is correct - this car is indeed a Class X28A boxcar, PRR
123353. The giveaway is the abnormally tall height in comparison to
the postwar boxcar behind it - an X29 would be noticeably lower.
Another spotting feature of the X28A is a narrow panel second from
the left of the door (not visible in this photo). As for the smudge
across the two-three panels, I don't know of any Class X28A boxcars
equipped for special service, so this is still a mystery.

Modeling this car in HO is a bit of a challenge. Sunshine 26.14 and
26.15 accurately models the X28A, but they are now out of production
and no longer available from Sunshine.

An alternate kibash can be done using two Red Caboose X29 kits using
Vic Roseman's methods as detailed in the August 2004 issue of
Railmodel Journal. Basically, this involves raising the height of
the car from 8' 7" to 9' 3" by cutting and splicing the two
carbodies approximately along where the patch panel seam would be
located. You'll only need to fill the seams on the ends after
you're done splicing carbodies. (BTW, you'll also have to splice
the doors.) However, this kitbash will not have the narrow panel to
the left of the door.

As for brass, several importers have done the original automobile
car version; however, I'm not sure if any have done the rebuilt cars.

For the CK scheme, the best decal set is the Middle Division HBX-6
if you can find it. Champ HB-303N, their X29 set can be used but
you might have to do some data splicing.

I'll have a prototype article on the X28 in Mainline Modeler later
this year; I plan on doing an article in TKM on modeling these cars
as well (it'll be a while, as I still have to build the models).

Ben Hom

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