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MR published a drawing of a Troop Sleeper converted to a service car
several years back. I don't have a copy handy for the date but I'm sure
it will surface via some kind soul. The drawings included an excellent
underbody view showing all the structural members and full brake rigging,
both AB sets worth. I'd say it was indispensable to your efforts.
I found it last night...turns out my MR collection goes back that far!

There are more than several troop cars still in existence, at least that
I am aware of. One is at Union Bridge, Maryland, in the WM Hist Soc
collection, an almost virginal car with all its windows intact and riding
on AFC trucks. Another is closer to DC in a small station display along
with other freight and passenger cars and a small steam lokie. It is in
about the same condition as the WMHS car. And one at Illinois Ry Museum.
Thanks for the info! Anyone with photos of these - please post 'em!

How about photos documenting the underframe structure and brake systems?
I will - I already have several photos, but I did not have my flash that
day so they are all a little dark of the underbody detail. The steam lines
are far more intricate than on the troop sleeper in MR.

Bruce, if that's the same Cannonball kit I saw at Mitchells last fall,
why would you waste your time on it? The rivets look like flattened
grapefruit halves and the panel line are non existent. It's almost
criminal that someone capable of producing scale size rivets hasn't done
this car yet. Of course, that statement leaves InterMountain out,
doesn't it? But I have been hearing rumors that it will be produced by a
capable manufacturer in the not to distant future. Let's all hope.
Well, I thought that the cars were "reasonable" and a whole lot cheaper
than brass. Yeah, the rivets are about the size of cheeseburgers, but I
don't have time to scratchbuild those car sides right now...maybe I will in
a couple of years.

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