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benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Bruce Smith wrote:
"I looked closer at the photo in question and now I would say that
the PENNSYLVANIA, car number and car data were all the same
intensity and are painted over a paint out area as well. This
paint out area extends further to the left on the car than the
current lettering, which would have made the lettering above more
centered on the road name. It appears that the road name wasw
shifted to the right, once the 1/2 door was gone, causing it to no
longer be centered under the "AUTOMOBILES" Thus, the paint out, the
lettering and the paint on the panel to the left of the door all
appear to be the same age."

I'll buy that. I'll also buy the fact that the car escaped
repainting due to cost-cutting durng the late 1930s and traffic
demands during WWII.

"In addition, I note that the car appears to have a door with a
center weld seam, meaning it was made from two of the 1/2 doors,
and ... is that a split KD brake under there still?"

Sure is. That's a bit of a surprise, as these cars received AB
brakes during the course of the rebuild, though apparantly not all
of them did. Probably more cost-cutting during the Depression.

"All of which calls into question a 1947 date..."

Maybe, but the improved Dreadnaught end on that Canadian boxcar
eliminates the possibility of any prewar date.

Ben Hom

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