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Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Shawn Beckert asks:

Hey Cocoa Beach Attendees,

"Anything of interest to report?"

For those that don't know, I am the "Stuckee" for the meet and might be considered a bit prejudiced. I will say that after 3 very active that 4 hrs sleep per day...I am considering checking into a mental institution of my choice for a day or two. I will also say that the op session that was run at my layout on Thursday was the most enjoyable by far that I've ever done...or attended...primarily due to the crew...Bill Darnaby, Ted Culotta, Mike Rose, Bill Schneider, Bruce Smith, Dennis Lippert, and Jeff Aley. On Sunday, Bill Schneider, Dennis, Jeff and Bruce were present again in the afternoon for an impromptu session...the four of them taking control of the layout as I stood around in a daze probably muttering something about how many dinner tickets had been sold the previous day or the location the night before of the showing of the unexpected slides of Sherman Hill.

How were the clinics?
I can only comment that Jeff Aley [ with very capable help from John Shankland ] was his usual efficient self in managing the operation of the 5 concurrent presentations. He also was able to find 5 computer in Florida.

Any new product announcements?

SC&F did show the very tardy Harriman 2 door 60 ft baggage car. It should be available in a few weeks since there is little more to do on it. I'll leave the rest to others.

Were there wild parties, drinking and debauchery???

Of course. The success of meets like Prototype Rails at Cocoa Beach depends on the chemistry of the attendees, clinicians and manufacturers that attend. We have been very fortunate to have had in the past a very effective chemistry and it happened again this year. To those that participated, thanks very much.

BTW, the dates for next yr are Jan 5-8 and by then the entire hotel will be rennovated.
Mike Brock
Prototype Rails Bossman

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